Welcome to West End

West End is the closest village to Buena Onda Hostel about five minutes walking distance, one minute by taxi or collectivo (public transport mini van). The main street of West End has countless scuba companies, numerious small resorts, a grocery store, convience stores and a number of bars. West End’s main street also hugs the coast with business on one side and public beaches with shade trees on the other.

Resturant food in West End is varies but dinner can be had for 100 Lemperias ($5 USD). The local grocery store is more expensive than the super market in Coxen Hole but fruits and vegatables can be bough in road side stands on the main street at reasonable prices. Locals can some times be found selling dinner on the street for reasonable prices which offers a chance to taste the culinary flavor of the island.

West End sits on a small bay of clear turqoise water. Coral Reef hug both sides of the bay. A suken submarine sit’s roughly in the middle of the bay guarded by the local moreay eel that lives inside it. A stone’s throw from the submarine is a publically accessible large sailboat called ‘The Highflyer” that has had wooden stairs built off the back and it’s mast tilted 15 degrees off center to act as a rope swing for those with strong arms and constitutions. Stairs and a public fresh water shower are a short swim to the closest shore from the High Flyer.

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