Buena Onda Hostel, West End, Roatan

14 beds in dorm.

One private room with double bed, couch & table.

One suite with bathroom and shower.

West End Village

Explore West End Village

West End is the closest village to Buena Onda Hostel about five minutes walking distance, one minute by taxi or collectivo (public transport mini van). The main street of West End has countless scuba companies, numerious small resorts, a grocery store, convience stores and a number of bars.

Hug a Sloth

Hands On Sloth & Moneky Zoo

Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout is as the name suggest, your chance to hug a sloth, spider monkey or one of the numerous other native animals. The zoo started as a hobby and has turned into a business educating locals and tourist about the friendly nature of sloths and spider monkeys.

Diving Roatan

Explore One of Earth's Best Dive Locations

Being Earth’s second largest barrier reef (after Australia), roatan not only provides a healthy, vibrant living coral reef a very short boat ride away but also, given Roatan’s size (37mi to 60km) countless isolated beaches and coral outcroppings are yours to explore as part of a guided group or on your own.

Roatan Videos